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Zoom Camera in RDP
Last Updated 2 years ago

With the new version of Zoom - the camera functionality breaks in remote desktop with default settings. You will need to change a video setting to have the camera work in remote desktop.

To do so (in your remote desktop):

1. Log in to Zoom
2. Click your user icon (top right) and choose settings

3. Select Video setting
4. Make sure there is a camera selected below the preview image
  • if there's no camera, then you either do not have a camera or passthrough is not enabled*
5. Click the Advanced button at the bottom of video settings
6. Change the Media Capturing Method to 'Media Foundation'
7. Quit Zoom
  • right click zoom in the taskbar and select Quit Zoom
8. Reopen Zoom
9. Test camera
  • go back to settings
  • click on Video and you should see video in the preview window
* you need windows 10 in order for video passthrough to work

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